Monday, November 26, 2012

Back on track (again...)

I did fairly well with my November goals toward making healthier choices and getting leaner. That is, until I started baking last week. As much as I told myself I wasn't going to go nuts over the holiday weekend, Thanksgiving-style eating pretty much went from last Wednesday through Sunday.

Today, however, I turned over a new leaf. Again. Because, you know, I've never been in this position before - trying to lose a bit of weight and spinning my wheels as I allow every distraction under the sun to derail my progress (sarcasm, anyone?). Anyway, today was a good day and I feel better for it.

I also feel new resolve to de-sugar my kids' diet. They probably don't eat as much sugar as a lot of kids out there, but I'm sure it is more than I realize. My husband is big on giving treats, which is really sweet (pun intended), but he tends to go overboard and not think about the cumulative effect of his treat-endowing. Not that their sugar consumption is entirely his fault, but it is something we need to work on, especially as we head into the holiday season, replete with cookies and candy galore.

I'm resolved to finish out the month with good food choices, writing down what I eat and heading in the final month of 2012 with a handle on what I'm putting in my mouth.

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