Friday, June 24, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday!

1. Many, many congratulations to Jennifer Fulwiler on the birth of your new baby girl! And thank you to Betty Beguiles for hosting this Friday :).

2. I haven't been blogging much recently and the reason? Busy, busy, busy! Who knew the start of summer would have me so crazy! But I have VBS in barely over 2 weeks (yikes!) and a lot of writing projects for work (I work part time from home). Not much time for blogging!

3. I am busting at the seams because in about 15 minutes a babysitter will arrive and I will be off to surprise my husband with a night away for our anniversary! He has no idea we're going anywhere today, thinking that the secret plans I have are only for tomorrow.

4. My husband is notoroiously difficult to surprise, so I'm excited to see if I've really pulled one over on him, or if he has suspicions that we're going somewhere tonight.

5. This will be the very first time the hubs and I have gone away together, overnight, since having children. And our oldest is 6 1/2. We've both been away, separately, for one reason or another, leaving the kidlets in the care of the other parent. But this is the first time he and I are going away, overnight, without our kids.

6. I always feel really excited about a little break from being mommy, up until the last few hours before leaving. Then I start missing them. My daughter is napping and I suspect I'll be leaving before she wakes. Sniff, sniff! I will very much enjoy the alone time with my husband, but I always get a little anxious leaving my precious babies overnight.

7. So with that, have a lovely weekend to any who happens across this post and I will be sure to do the same, celebrating 12 wonderful, fun, challenging and basically fantastic years with my best friend and love of my life.


Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary!

Claire said...

Thank you!