Sunday, January 15, 2012

Guardian Angel in a dream

I just got off the phone with my mom (I have the lovliest mom, by the way). She shared a dream with me that she had last night and it was utterly amazing - I just have to write about it.

She dreamt that she was walking somewhere with a companion (her word). The person she was with was larger than she is, but it wasn't someone she knows specifically,; she wasn't even sure if it was male or female. But they were walking together and talking and going in and out of some buildings, and my mom had the sense that they weren't really supposed to be there. A woman came out and started yelling at them to get out, that they weren't allowed. My mom was feeling angry at this person, and was about to yell back when her companion said, "It's ok that we are here. Anyone who welcomes us will have good things in return." At this, they yelling woman stopped and allowed them to pass.

As she walked with her companion, my mom was talking about how she felt sad that she had so many ideas that she felt were lost - stories she would never write, things she would never remember. Her companion said to her, "Don't you know? We remember everything. Every thought, every feeling, every idea you have ever had, we keep. Every memory, every moment, everything you have ever thought or felt or wondered or hoped. Everything is here." And then she saw it all, stretched out before her - memories that she can't recall in the waking world today, of playing with her sisters and brothers, things when she was a toddler, her whole life stretched out in front of her and she could see that every detail was there.

Then her companion said, "We keep it all close, all of these things that are you. Every thought or feeling you have had, we love and we cherish. We keep it all and it is all here for you."

<Insert jaw dropping to the floor face here.>

After she finished her story, I asked her, "Mom, do you realize what that was?" She paused, and said, "It was an angel."

"Mom it was your guardian angel."

My mom's Guardian Angel visited her in a dream last night. And with such a message of hope and reassurance. "Every thought or feeling you have had, we love and we cherish. We keep it all and it is all here for you." What a beautiful thought. All of who we are, every bit of who we have been through our lives, exists. We may not be able manipuate those memories to the surface, we may forget and feel as if we don't know. But it is all still there, kept for us.

A "what if" occurred to me that I have not considered before. What if, when we reach the fullness of Heaven, we are not only united in the glory of God, but we are united within ourselves. Made whole again. The fullness of who we are is restored. No more pieces and fragments and half forgotten experiences. A whole, complete being.

I'm so grateful for the blessing of that dream for my mom. She described it as being the most beautiful dream she has ever had. What a gift. I am truly blown away.

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Dwija {House Unseen} said...

Wow. I am so choked up right now. Beautiful!