Thursday, February 2, 2012

Little Viking children

Recently, my son and I were reading about the Viking explorations of North America - Leif Ericson and so forth. The topic came up at dinner, and Daddy proceeded to tell him all about Viking beserkers - men who would go into battle in a dramatic rage, often charging into the fray with nothing but a helmet and a sword. It must have been quite the spectacle really - imagine a great big, naked Norseman, charging at you full speed with a sword bigger than you are! They must have been rather good at striking fear into the hearts of their enemies.

In any case, a few days later, out of nowhere, my 7 year old comes running down the stairs, yelling at the top of his lungs, wearing nothing but a dress-up Viking helmet and brandishing a giant nerf sword.

It was seriously funny.

My husband and I could not stop laughing. Enough time had passed between our dinner conversation about Vikings and his little display that it seemed really spontaneous, and therefore even funnier. He ran around us in circles a few times while we laughed, yelling all the while, then ran back upstairs whence he came.

We heard him a few minutes later, excitedly loud-whispering to his brother, clearly trying to convince him to do the same trick. After some discussion, we heard our 4 year old begin yelling, but it took about 15 seconds for him to actually come down the stairs (which was funny in and of itself - it was like he was gearing up for something). When he appeared, he had the sword and helmet, but also had on hid underwear (which is what he wears around the house most of the time anyway - the kid is apparently allergic to clothes). He did a lap, laughing more than yelling by that point, and ran back upstairs to the excited giggles of his brother.

Ah, our little Viking children.

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