Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Prayer for my aunt

My aunt is nearing the end. She was diagnosed with brain cancer not long ago and has deteriorated rapidly in the last few days. As far as I know, at this moment she is still in the ICU at the hospital near her home. Tonight, I pray for her and her family as they likely have to prepare to say goodbye. I can't be there with them, and somehow saying this prayer silently to myself didn't seem like enough. So although it isn't as if she, or any of her immediate family are going to read this, I felt that posting it and sending it out into the digital world was somehow more palpable than to simply pray silently tonight.

Heavenly Father,

Tonight we prepare to say goodbye to one of your beloved children. It is my sincerest hope and prayer that she is now hearing your voice, whispering her name, calling her home. She was not a religious woman, but I know she believed in you and believed in Jesus and I fervently pray that you will embrace her with your loving arms as she crosses into eternity. Please forgive her sins and accept her into your grace with your unending mercy. Please Lord, love her, comfort her and carry her home in peace.

Please be with her family, who will so desperately miss her. For her husband, her son and her daughters, I pray that they have peace and comfort during this difficult time. For my dad, and their sister, I pray for peace and healing. And for my dear, dear grandmother, I pray diligently Lord, that she will weather this tragedy and not give up her own spirit in the face of losing her daughter. I wish no one had to lose a child, ever, even when they are 85. Please Lord, please be with Grandma and help her through this sadness. Please lift her up and carry her along, for I fear she isn't strong enough to bear this burden. At least not alone.

Thank you for the time we had with Debbie. Thank you for her spirit, her laugh and her humor. She was loud and funny and opinionated and sometimes rash. She loved her children fiercely and endured much on her journey as a mother. It is a little hard to imagine a world without her in it, but thank you for creating such a lively and fun woman. She has touched many lives and there are so many who will miss her.

I ask these things in the name of Jesus Christ, your son. Amen.

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