Friday, December 14, 2012

There isn't much else to say about today

There's no way for me not to connect what happened today with my own family, with my own children. This didn't happen to me, it isn't about me, and my sincere prayers are with the families who have been so devastated - especially to the mothers who won't be kissing and hugging their sweet babies tonight.

But there is something about finding similarity between yourself and a tragedy that make it all the more real, even though it happened to someone far away. I've felt that way before, and I feel it tonight.

My little kindergartner is sitting downstairs watching cartoons with his brother and sister. I can't even fathom losing him, or any of those precious babies down there. I know any mother would say the same of her children.

And as much as, intellectually, I realize that this was one incident among thousands of schools, and I don't believe that children in schools are generally unsafe, I can't help but feel glad that they are home with me right now. No, I can't protect them from every evil, and I don't really think they'd be in actual danger if they were at the school up the street. Logically, I know they'd be fine and the chances of something this horrible happening to us are minuscule. But logic isn't winning tonight. I'm just glad they are here, with me, and they are safe.

My heart aches for the families who are suffering so deeply tonight. May God be with them now and always.

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