Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Partway through VBS

I'm smack in the middle of VBS week, and what a week it's turning out to be! I think things are going really, really well. My co-director is amazing, we had things well planned out and organized ahead of time, and other than a few wrinkles we had to iron out the first couple of days, things are going well.

I love seeing the enthusiasm of the kids. I think I may have overdone it the first day on encouraging them to be loud because now they're getting a little crazy everytime I ask "Hey, is everyone having fun!" or something similar at our large group assembly time. I have to quiet them down because they all seem to have lungs as tall as they are and infinite amounts of oxygen.

Today our pastor, Father Matthew, joined us for "Church Exploration." He took each group around to talk about the different parts of the church and then talked to them about the Mass. The kids were enthralled. He's not naturally a kid person, although he's not gruff or short with them. He's just very intellectual and doesn't quite "get" kids. However, the kids look at him like he's a celebrity. As soon as they saw him come out next to me at our opening assembly, they erupted in cheers and "Hi Father Matthew!!!!", jumping up in their seats and waving at him. It was a lot of fun to see them so excited, and they were amazingly well behaved when they were on their little tour of the church. Even our youngest group sat in their seats quietly and listened to him, which was a far cry from how they were yesterday.

I'm glad the kids are having a good time, and I think they're learning too. We have almost 100 kids, so that's a lot of little hearts we're reaching. It makes all the late nights, the lists and meetings, and me acting silly doing all the song motions, worthwhile.

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