Friday, July 8, 2011

VBS on the horizon

Vacation Bible School starts next week. People keep asking me if I'm ready (I'm co-director this year) and all I can say is, "I think so!" I'm living in blissful ignorance, since I've never done this before and am not aware of the zillion-and-one things I probably need to do but don't know about.

That's ok. I feel like we're pretty organized, and although I'm sure there will be things we'll think of, or wish we'd thought of sooner, that's the way of these things. I used to do some event planning, back in my first job out of college, so I know how it goes.

That said, I am up at almost midnight tonight, mostly trying to learn the Bible memory verse and associated hand motions that I'm supposed to teach the kids next week. I think it might help if I knew it myself, yes? Luckily, my boys love rocking out to the VBS music in the car, so I've had a lot of time to learn the words to the songs. I'm not the one teaching the music, but it will be a part of our opening and closing each day (of which I am "hosting" so to speak), so it will be good to be able to participate - even if I don't sing into the microphone ;). I'm not shy in front of a crowd, but talking and singing are two different things. I can carry a tune ok, but I'm not comfortable being mic'd when I sing. Thankfully, someone far more talented in that arena than I will be handling the music next week.

In any case, I still have quite a bit to do - small detail things at this point. And I definitely don't have enough time to do it all. So I suppose I'll simply do my best and try to keep in mind why I'm doing all this in the first place - to spread the love of God to the little people of our parish, my own kids included. It's all too easy to get caught up in the tasks and checklists and to-dos in such a big production and forget what it is all for. I have a lot more peace about it when I think of it in terms of doing God's work. That's worth staying up a little late for.

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